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who we are


Founded in 2015, Dear Beard is a brand new Italian grooming brand that skillfully blends natural essential oils to nourish your skin and hair. Our grooming products are created from natural ingredients to complement the modern man’s lifestyle.

Expertly crafted in Italy and formulated with simple and natural ingredients, our approach to grooming yields unparalleled results. There are no weak spots, only simple yet effective products that will deliver day-in and day-out.

Dear Beard is more than just a collection of grooming essentials. We’ve revived men’s grooming rituals that inspire pride in masculine traditions, so you can up your grooming game.




Our carefully curated grooming essentials includes beard care, hair care, shave, and face+body, so no matter your style or your grooming needs, we’ve got you covered.

Delivering products from nature. Packed with a delicate yet natural fragrance of citrus, the subtle scent will make you feel fresh and clean no matter how busy your day gets. 

Dear Beard has been expertly tailored for the modern man who knows what he’s doing and where he’s going. Our grooming collection is effortless, edgy, and polished that promotes a subtle sophisticated routine that is easy to adopt.

Dear Beard is for those who want to look good with just a little know-how. After all, an investment in your appearance will always pay off.